Are we living a life addicted to Death?


The fuel our body gets comes from the food our body is fed. When we cook our food we kill the “Enzymes” in it. Eating “dead” cooked food is like living a life addicted to death?  Enzymes cause the body's biochemical spark responsible for life. From your conception to your birth, from your breath to your every thought, from sickness to health and from your fork to your mouth, enzymes are responsible. When we eat “live”, enzyme-rich food and add enzymes back into our diets, we change our experience and begin a life addicted to living.


The enzyme force that allows your body to absorb and digest food is also the force that keeps hormones in balance and defends your body against disease. It starts on the end of your fork, begins its process in your stomach, and becomes either a positive or negative result. How the story ends is actually determined by what we do in the beginning.


The House Keepers Of Your Gut, “Probiotics” or Beneficial Bacteria not only take part in our digestion and absorption of food, but are living organisms. Without them, you cannot have vibrant health. Research shows that your gut flora can affect many processes in your body, including your metabolism, which affects body weight, energy production, nutrition, and even your genetic expression. Toxic substances found in processed foods and drinks damage the composition and balance of our gut flora.

Consuming raw living cultured foods not only keeps our intestinal flora balanced, but helps our body defend against diseases such as cancer, Chron’s, Candida, I.B.S., and many other diseases caused by unhealthy gut flora.


The nutrients we place on our fork and spoon feed the roots of life. The nutrients absorbed through the roots are what cause the tree to bloom. PuraDyme encourages you to make a new conscious decision, to a turn over a new leaf on life! “Its not the food in your life, but the life in your food!”